The Tour


The 11-City Walking Tour is one of the three traditional 11-City Tours. The other tours are the Elfstedentocht on skates and bike Elfstedentocht. This latter is held every year. The skating only when sufficient ice is the Frisian bosom.

The history of the tours goes back to the early 20th century. The first Elfstedentocht on skates was held in 1909, the first bicycle Elfstedentocht in 1912.

It took the first official 11-Walking Cities was held. On August 16 in 1946 launched the first 11-Walking Cities went. Even before this time were fanatics the “Walking Tours of, but from this moment made the ‘foundation Frisian 11-Cities Hiking” for meals and a place to sleep on a cargo ship. In all that time, the concept of ‘bed and meal remained unchanged. Still our hikers can choose full board. The straw mattresses from the early days have given way to bunk and it is even possible to book a bed in a hut. ” Only one time was canceled the trip. This was in 2001 with the outbreak of foot and mouth disease.

The 207-kilometer journey remains a great challenge. The number of participants has grown since the early years to a small five-day 800 hikers per year. To facilitate access to the circuit, also introduced the 1-day and 3-day tour over the years. About 1,000 participants walk every year one or several day stages. For participants anticipate the 1-day or 3-day tour within the prescribed time, a commemorative medal. For those who walk the 5 day stages in several years, there has been a degree. For whom the tour ends in one edition, there is the coveted 11-City Cross. There are hikers who have hiked the trek more than 50 times. Participants who received both a cross of the 11-Cities Hike, Bike and the Elfstedentocht Elfstedentocht on skates can apply for a license. This annually during a ceremony, presented by the Commissioner of the King in Friesland. There have now been 1,500 issued.