The 5-days tour


The 5-days tour is the traditional tour as it has been held since 1946. The tour leads the hikers by the historical Frisian 11 cities in 5 days. It is a fun challenge for trained hikers.  Who completes the tour does not only receive the 11-Cities Cross but will also live on enjoying unforgettable memories.

The rate for participation in the five-day walking tour, 2023, without arrangement is € 82,50.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration for the 5-day tour is only possible by pre-registration via this site. Registration at the start is no longer possible.


During the 11-City Walking Tour 2023 you can spend the night on one of our sleeping ships. These ships sail along, from city to city. You can book a package for this, including a starter card and meals. You can embark on Monday, so that you can start fresh on Tuesday.

We have 132 places for overnight stay.

The prices for a cabin for 1 or 2 persons is € 570,00

the price for cabin for 3 or 4 persons is € 525,00.
All packages include:
5x overnight stay
5 x breakfast / packed lunch
5 x hot meal (Monday to Friday)

Spending the night at these ships contributes to the unique atmosphere of the 11-Cities Hiking Tour event. Of course you are also free to arrange your own stay in the area.

The stages

Day 1     Leeuwarden – Sloten ca. 49 km

Day 2     Sloten – Workum ca. 44 km

Day 3     Workum – Franeker ca. 42 km

Day 4     Franeker – Dokkum ca. 44 km

Day 5     Dokkum – Leeuwarden ca. 28 km