The 5-days tour


The 5-days tour is the traditional tour as it has been held since 1946. The tour leads the hikers by the historical Frisian 11 cities in 5 days. It is a fun challenge for trained hikers.  Who completes the tour does not only receive the 11-Cities Cross but will also live on enjoying unforgettable memories.

What is special about accomodation for the 5-days tour is that we offer our participants to stay at one of the so called “sleep ships”. The ships follow the same route as the hikers. Spending the night at these ships contributes to the unique atmosphere of the 11-Cities Hiking Tour event. Of course you are also free to arrange your own stay in the area.


The stages

Day 1     Leeuwarden – Sloten ca. 49 km

Day 2     Sloten – Workum ca. 44 km

Day 3     Workum – Franeker ca. 42 km

Day 4     Franeker – Dokkum ca. 44 km

Day 5     Dokkum – Leeuwarden ca. 28 km