Welcome to the website of the 11 Cities Hiking Tour – a 207 kilometer tour that takes the hikers through the historical, Frisian 11 cities in 5 days time. Between the cities you walk through the outstreched grassland and picturesque villages. During the tour you will enjoy the wide views, beautiful fields with grazing cows, Frisian horses and the rich history.

kruisjeAs a tradition, the 11 Cities Hiking Tour is being held during the week of Ascension Day. In 2018, the 72nd edition is being hiked from Tuesday, May 8 to Saturday, May 12.

It is also possible to participate for just one or several days. That way everyone is allowed to enjoy the unforgettable atmosphere  of “The Tour of all Tours” in their own way. Everyone who completes the entire tour will receive the coveted “11 Cities Hiking Cross” which is one of the three official “11-Cities Crosses”.

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  • New times, new style
    The renewed website represented the start of the introduction of the 11-Cities Hiking Tour’s new corporate identity. A2Z Advertizing from Heerenveen has been involved from the beginning and has further developed the process. The result is a brand new corporate identity style that may last for years.
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  • The 11-Cities Hiking Tour: Fryslân at its best