The 3-days tour


The 3-days (or half distance) tour covers the last 3 stages of the 11-Cities Hikiing Tour. From Thursday to Saturday, the tour will lead through 6 of the 11 cities. The tour starts in Workum and continues to Bolsward, Harlingen , Franeker, through the outstretched Bildt and ‘back and forth’ at Dokkum. On Saturday, there will be festivities in Leeuwarden at the Prinsentuin and, or at the finish of the 11-Cities Hiking Tour in City Theatre “Harmonie”.


The stages

Day 1     Workum – Franeker ca. 42 km

Day 2     Franeker – Dokkum ca. 44 km

Day 3     Dokkum – Leeuwarden ca. 28 km