Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What time does the route of the day start?

Every day at 7:00h. all the stages start togetherand the finish closes at 19:00h. On the last day of the event (Saturday)the finish closes at 14:00h.

Is it possible to purchase a permit for the 1-day, 3-days or 5-days tour at the start location?

No, that is not possible for the 5-day and 3-day walking tour. Participation is only possible after pre-registration (via the website). Also for the oneday tour you need to pre-registrate.

Last day for pre-regisistration is May 15th 2022.

How do I get to the start location in the morning?

You can use our bus service. You must then be present at the finish location of that day early in the morning with your own transport. We will bring you to the starting point on time. Tickets for the bus can no longer be paid in cash, but must be ordered in advance for the days you want to use it. You can order at “Register”.

Will I get my registration fee back in case of cancellation?

In the event of cancellations on your part, the organization cannot grant a refund of the registration fee. In the event of an unexpected cancellation by the organization, a refund of part of the registration fee is only possible if the financial situation of the tour, after deduction of the costs incurred by the organization, allows this.

We recommend – especially for the more elaborate arrangements – to make sure that you have a cancellation insurance.

Is bedding available at the sleeping ships or do I need to bring that myself?

When you stay at the ships there is a mattress and flat sheet available. You need to bring a pillow and sleeping bag. Even in May the nights can still be quite chilly. You might also want to bring an extra blanket. Only at the “In Dubio” there is a pillow, duvet and set of sheets (flat sheet, duvet cover and pillow cover) on the beds.

How do I handle my luggage when I am staying elsewhere?

You can place your luggage in the appropriate Titan trailer at the start in the morning. In the afternoon you can remove the luggage from the trailer again. This luggage transport is free.

How can I apply for the certificate?

When you have successfully completed the  11-Cities Hiking Tour, the 11-Cities Biking Tour (not the winter tour) as well as the Eleven Cities Tour on ice skates, you qualify for a special certificate. This certificate is awarded once a year by the Commissioner of the King for the Province of Fryslân.

Do you wish to receive the certificate? Please send an e-mail to: